The vikings are here! 


The vikings have arrived!

J, B and I have been anticipating their arrival at Caithness Horizons for Months! 

So much so that I spent this week creating outfits for them. 

I couldn’t resist. 

Because it was a lady minute decision I nipped to charity shops to see if I could find something I could work with. 

I could hardly belive my luck when, in one shop, I found red linen trousers (a tabard idea was born) and, in another, a large linen skirt (just enough for a tunic for J)

The neck ties, and waist for B’s dress, were made from the details on the front of the skirt.

I was clearly destined to find that skirt!

‘For surely the Gods were happy that day.’ 


A marvellous day out!


Too much for Facebook, we did so much today!
First up was a football tournament for J, he had a great time.
Next stop was an archery club open day! B and I are Sooo excited because we hope to attend classes as soon as they are set up for them.

We are Sooo excited for the classes to start!

We moved on from here to the glass workshop where we are taking part in a community project.

They are making a big tree, and everyone who wants to can make a leaf to be added.

I thought we wouldn’t be able to take them home, and that it would be a permanent display. 

Who cares though, how fab is it to be able to be a part of something bigger!?

Turns out though, that we will get them after they have been on display for a few months!


We were finished here by 3.30 so I thought a wee visit to Whaligoe Steps might be interesting for the children.

These are a set of steps made in the side of a cliff that was used as a harbour for fishermen for years and years!

I’m not historian, and haven’t the best memory, but we met the caretaker of the steps, at the bottom and he told us that it cost £8 to have theses steps made and £54 to have the base built up.

Whoa huh!?

Makes it pretty damned old!

I found this image Here, it’s a great image of them!

The man we met at the bottom was cutting down the grass and took the time to tell us about this area.
Can you see the drop?
Well, they used to get their boats up onto that platform, to protect them, in the bad weather.
Using a pulley system into the face of the cliff!

Do you see that circle to the right of the building? 
It was used to fill with water and, oh something else, anyway, they soaked their nets in it and then draped them from masts. You can see the dark crevice up the side of the steps? That held one mast, there are various holes around the edge of the platform that held further tall masts that held up the nest.
Then, can you see,again to the right of the building, the stone is darker?
That’s because, just above the circle, there is a grill, beneath that grill, they had a fire, above they would melt tar in a vast cauldron, I guess. Then they would paint the base of their boats to keep them water tight.
And my favourite fact.
Do you see all those steps!.
Ok, that’s only Half of them!
Do you know who carried up vast baskets of herring, and cod and various other fish!?
Then they walked the 6 miles to the nearest town to sell them!
There is one ledge part way up, that was designed especially for the women to rest their loads before continuing up the steps.
I walked up, with no load, and I can run 4+ miles so I’m not unfit, but I had to rest a good number of times and my heart rate was pretty high!
Kudos to the women!!
But here’s my little lady, enjoying a bit of terrifying her daddy adventure! (He wasn’t with us, but this would have had him in absolute pieces!)

I had a wonderful day out with my children!

My smiling lad stopped smiling



My little boy is ill 😦
Last night was Horrendous!
He was sick,  then writhing in pain, sick again and eventually dry retching.
He was asking for medicine but he couldn’t have any because the moment it hit his stomach it would have come back up, as the water that he was sipping was doing 😮
Oh it was Awful!

He is my cheery little boy, always with a ready smile.  So to see him in pain last night was very hard.

But look at him now!
It’s like it didn’t happen.


Did I dream it! ?
I distinctly remember being so tired.
He chose my worst hours, isn’t that just the case?
Between 3-5am



So it happened alright!

But my happy lad is back, long may it continue and long may his tummy accept food.

I miss my mum


My mum died about 6 months ago.

Wow, 6 months. Mostly I have just been moseying along dealing with the day to day but sometimes, like today, I really miss her and for no particular reason.

I think, with my moseying, it is easy to think, ach it’s just been a while since I’ve seen her, sure I’m dead busy anyway. I’ve been focussing, finally my mum would have said, on my ceramics. Trying to make a go of getting into the swing of being a business person or, more importantly, an artist. 

So it is easy to just fool my mind into believing that I just haven’t see her because I am so busy, making her proud.

I do know, don’t get me wrong, the heart of me knows she isn’t here anymore, she isn’t on another long trip in America with my dad. Because I see my dad twice a week, that’s a whole other story, don’t ask, how can I know how he truly is? I think he deals with it in a similar way I do. Let’s not look too far into the future but equally let’s not dwell on the past and what we’ve lost, it hurts too much.

But my husband has a new job and it means he will be away for longer than we had first thought, and therefore home for less time and I suddenly realise how much I liked having him home and how much I leant on him whilst pretending that I completely wasn’t.

And so now, I feel sad. Because two of my most important people aren’t here.

One I will see again, soon, the other I will never see again.

I miss my mum.

What Dad’s of Daughters should know


I read the most wonderful things the other day.
Things a dad should remember to do with his daughter to ensure that their relationship is a good one.

15 Things Dad’s of Daughters should know

I felt such a sense of pride that Bs Daddy does so many of them.
But, you know, it’s always worth remembering some of these.
Go have a wee look see what you think.