So today, second day back into the school run and B isn’t in school because she is off to the dentist, with me.

I have spent a lot of the holidays worrying about this upcoming appointment.

The dentist was quite harsh when she told me that my precious B had to have fillings done, stating, quite bluntly, that the teeth were dirty. Though it was a 4 pm appointment and in fairness, B had not cleaned her teeth since the morning, I did say this to her but got no response.

This greatly saddened me, because I have tried so very hard to make sure that both my children have good teeth. Better than mine at any rate!

But they sent me away last time having asked me to fill out the consent form that said she needed 5  fillings! 5!!

I really did spend so much time worrying, feeling I had failed. Then thinking, what are they thinking to ask her to deal with 5 and simply send me away with a flee in my ear!

I considered taking her private, I talked to friends, one of whom suggested perhaps it had to do with my having suffered hyperemisis during my pregnancy.

A theory I gratefully clung onto as my lifeline in the face of what felt like failure on my half to care fully for my children’s teeth.

But hubs came home and all thoughts of arranging private appointments flew out of the window, not to mention that it was Christmas time and it was highly unlikely that I would find a dentist open before the appointment today.

So I found myself heading to her appointment today ready to quiz every single person I came across as to why so much with so little support or discussion.

Oh, I should add that, after we had left ( back in December) I had been told that my teeth were fine by the dentist and was delighted with myself, at least I had got mine and Js teeth sorted!

But they called me an hour later to say that I needed 2 fillings?

I questioned it and asked them to double a check.

24 hrs later they called me back to say that it had been a mistake.

At that point I did wonder that Bs prognosis was also a mistake, but thought surely not, they couldn’t be making that much of a hips of their jobs?

You got it!

They had been!

In I went guns ablazin’ spoke to the PDU ( don’t ask, I can never remember what it means! But the lady is lovely, very approachable.)

I talked through all my concerns and felt a whole heap better afterwards.

So I was surprised when I went into the dentist then and she immediately started to explain that B did not need 5 fillings but only 3 , 2 of which were so tiny you could barely see them! It had simply been a clerical error, who knows if it was the dentists mistake or her assistant, or the receptionists. But I wasn’t too fussy because the dentist was so apologetic how could I continue to be angry. the root of my worry, that B had multiple problems, had been removed and with it went my anger/ fear.

She explained the whole thing, what the decay does, why it needs the treatment, and what she was going to do.

So, after worrying myself daft over the Christmas break I was completely calmed and assured by all involved and B was super amazing with it all!

You will see me say it a lot on here, but I do love where we live. It is surprising that, being so far north offers you so much more!

You simply won’t get the same amount of care and support anywhere else. These people have known my child since she was a baby and, for the most part, know and remember us, and her brother, well enough to understand me and what we need.

So, a scary day turned around by speaking out, not in anger, but as a request for understanding, ended with a calm mummy and a wonderful B.

Is the dentist scary?


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