Monday First day back at school today. We were super organised so managed to take our bikes!
I then rode my around the back road home as part of my plan for a new healthier lifestyle.
Tuesday My legs were So sore after my bike ride! I decided that a bit of Yoga would be a good idea. My B joined in with me.
Wednesday Our busiest day of the week is a Wednesday. Straight from school to Highland Dancing lessons. J first then B so 2 hrs in total, with half an hour afterwards to get to B to Beavers. This was a moment of calm before the classes began.
Thursday One of Bs friends came round after school tonight. He asked what the big black thing in our hall was, I told him it was a blackboard and offered some chalk. He grabbed it and immediately drew a Big house!
Just what it is there for.
Friday I am simply LOVING my new iPad! So many things that I can do on it. J and B also Love it too!
Saturday This week I figured out the French Herringbone Plait. I am so chuffed with myself!!
Have since grabbed poor, long suffering, Bs head to see if I can do it even better on someone else’s head.
Hehe, what joy!
Takes some time though, but it is just so worth it!

So that’s me up to date, hoorah, with week 2 of Project 365 with The Boy and Me

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


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