Tuesday: Friends over to play makes for a happy household


Tuesday 15th January

After school we had a Bs friend K come round.
He had spoken to me in the school playground asking could B come round, with her bubbles. I had said yes,for a short while but the his Granny collared him and took him away.
I warned B that she prob ought not to go round if he was in trouble and that he might not manage to come to ours either.
But by 330 there was a knock on our door. He asked if B could come round to his but, you know me, I would rather have a full house than send her out, so suggested that he just stay.

They dotted about for a bit not really able to agree on what to do. Poor B was getting a bit put out that he wanted to do boy things.
I had begun to unpack her school bag. When I came across a maths game that had been send home with her. They both pounced!
As they began to play there was a knock on our window. L had spotted us all through the window and thought he would join.
Yeah, I love I t whenB is surrounded by friends. So does B.
They happily settled down to play the game, all knowing and understanding how it worked.


L made me laugh, he was like a cat on a hot tin roof, couldn’t sit still!
K was amazing with his mental arithmetic, he would pick his two cards and no sooner had he glanced at them than he had the sum blurted out. He was even blurting out the answers for B and L.
So we decided on a way to slow him down.
He had to think of his answer, blow it into his clasped hands and keep it there until the others were ready.
So,if it was Bs turn, she would do her sum, say her answer then tap Ks hands to see if they both had the same answer.
It went down a treat.
Though they did end up enjoying both farting the answers into their hands and then saying them in the weirdest voices they could think of, haha
I thought that was funny though, it was making sure that the whole thing was an enjoyable game. K loved it because he could safely have his answer but not ruin it for others.
But, by their tapping his hands, he got to share the answer.
Clever me,huh?

When the game ended. I think B won, K certainly came last. Which we discussed as it was not the result we had all expected given that his maths skills were mightily impressive.
K and L moved on to Hama Beads.
K was delighted by the discovery of glo in the dark beads!
He couldn’t make his star quick enough!


L left for home not long after the game, he just couldn’t settle to anything tonight. I haven’t really seen him like that before.
K couldn’t possibly leave until he had finished his star.
I managed to get some thread on it, to hang up.

Ks mum contacted me later to say that he was super chuft with it!

I do love having Bs friends over.


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