Wednesday : Frozen Beach


Wednesday: 16th January

After Nursery today, Ps mummy asked did I fancy a run down to the beach today?
I didn’t have anything planned, though I hadn’t taken the car down.
Are you proud of me? I try to take the car as little as possible these days, taking the bikers much as I can or walking if we didn’t manage to take the bikes in the morning. Every little helps,eh?

So Ps mummy asked about going to the beach, I said cool, but would she give us a lift. Seemed pointless and time wasting for me to have to go home for the at when we canal fit easily in her big car.
J took himself a teary fit, insisting that he just wanted to go home. But that was just a nonsense, he wanted to go home so he could sit and play his innotab.
Hmm,fresh air and a run on the beach or sit in the house on a computer?
Yup,sorry J overruled, you Are going to the beach.

The tide was in so we couldn’t just pop in at the first car park. Ps mummy thought the second would be good if we were ok for a hike in the dunes?
Great! I haven’t done that in a while.
Off we went. . .

This pic is actually after we had been up and over the hill, not much opportunity for pics when you are picking your way through the ever changing paths.
Then on down to the beach. The children took off!


J found a big piece of seaweed which they both decided was a fishing rod and proceeded to spend a great deal of time ‘fishing’


Isn’t it amazing the simple things that can amuse for so long?


Brilliant stuff

20130118-101935.jpg Just look at that delighted little grin!

Not long after this though’ J stumbled on the edge, it fell away from under his feet.
Luckily, it was just his knee and hands that got wet.
So we decided that it was about time to head for home anyway.
P wanted to climb the big hill. So off we went!

At the top we began picking our way through tall grasses again. With Ps mummy leading, she was able to spot that J,now and again, was walking with his eyes shut! Nutter!

But with one in front and one I behind, we had both the children covered.

20130118-103501.jpg I think it was an hour well spent, don’t you?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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