Monday: Dinner at Granny’s and their first tastes of tinned Ambrosia Rice. boy oh boy did it go down well!!

Tuesday: B had friends knock on the door to visit her. My door is always open for any of her friends to come and play. I am a little over protective of her and won’t let her go knocking on friends doors, so I figure its only fair that I always welcome them in when they call on her. It brings me so much happiness to hear them playing and being so happy, sometimes the house seems empty when they are away. Full post, here

Wednesday: The trip to the frozen beach. What a fantastic outing that was. I think I sometimes forget what a great beach we have and how close it is. We could literally walk to it if we were of a mind to, have done a number of times. But I particularly enjoyed this day because it was a last minute thing with friends.

Thursday: J and I played with my new toy today. A smoothie maker that can do 8 different things! Today we tried the juicer and them made smoothies.Yum!

Friday: What a day this was, but choosing a picture was pretty easy. I think this was their favourite part. Going to the Pet Shop is like a trip to the zoo for them (I did that once, visited a zoo. Never again! wild animals should not be caged, IMO) Much excitement over the little gerbils and hamsters though, then all the pretty coloured fish! Fridays itinerary

Saturday: A slow day today. They really like these days, the ones were you can almost stay in your Jammies all day. B was reading this book. Can you see it,the writing is pretty small and she is only 6! She said she really was reading it all though. Certainly I think that, for the most part she could follow the story but then the book does have a cd and they both play it again and again, and again, at Granny’s house!

Joining in withThe Boy and Me again this week. Hop on over to see how everyone else is doing.
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  1. Judging by the smile from Thursday, they were great smoothies! I love the picture on the beach, we try and go to our nearest as often as possible – sometimes it seems like a hassle getting everyone organised and packed to go but they always have such a great time I think it’s worth it – whatever the weather!

  2. A gloriously sunny day on the beach always lifts my spirits, doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold as long as it’s sunny! We’ve got one just down the road too and it’s easy to ignore it isn’t it?

    Thanks for linking up

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