Thursday: A new toy, but who is it for?


My new smoothie maker arrived last night.
Our lovely neighbours caught the delivery man before he went away with it, then delivered it to me later that night.
Aren’t they the Best!
So today I had to play.
It comes with a juicer attachment thing. So again, I just had to play.
J and I decided to make orange juice. I had bought big ones last week with all my good intentions, but hadn’t eaten man yet, so it was the perfect choice.

20130119-002217.jpgWe peeled and chopped them up into wee bits and fed them in to the top. J even got to play with the pressie thingy (technical term that)

20130119-002241.jpgMmmmmmm Fresh Orange Juice is Niiiiice!
But what should we do with what was inside the attachment. Pulp really?

Might as well try making a smoothie out of it. Afterall, all you have to do it remove the juicer bit and voila, it’s a smoothie maker once more and the pulp is all there.
So we added bananas and some of the frozen blueberries from the freezer.
Bit too thick so a wee scoof of milk.
Mmmmm, nice.

20130119-002350.jpgI sent J out to dispose of all our peelings in the whatd’yamecallit? Bad wasn’t it. It’s freezing out there. But he didn’t. Even batt an eye
He just went on out, popped them in and came back.
I thought there would be complaints and I would have relented, but no, off he went.
What a trooper!

When he came back, the smoothie had solidified!? It was like a mousse kind of a thing now.
J was just as happy to use a spoon as drink it though, so no complaints.

And B was more than happy with her pudding mousse too.
Though, we did have to make another one afterwards too.
They do love their smoothies!
And I am delighted with my new purchase!
And just £25, posted too!


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