Sunday: Grown up furniture!


For years we have struggled with cheap furniture.
Second hand, hand me downs, cheap ikea rubbish.
I do actually love trawling the second hand shops and finding vintage pieces.
Slowly but surely we are managing to upgrade.
I now have a decent unit for my telly, a cupboard for my fabric stash (used to be the toy cupboard but I reclaimed it not long ago when we moved the rooms around upstairs and now all their toys have plenty space in their bedroom). I bought myself a cuddle seat last year (turns out hubs really doesn’t like it but at least it looks better than what was there before!) and now I have managed to find a second hand couch, that is practically brand new!

We were so pleased with ourselves, 12 years ago, when we bought our couch and it has done us well for all that time. But for around 3 years now it has been time to say goodbye, only I have struggled to find anything that we could afford or that would be no longer than 2metres long. Any longer and I wouldn’t be able to open my cupboard door!
I really hanker after a corner sofa but my house just isn’t big enough.
I put off looking, in the hopes that we might sell up and then I really could go all out, for the house of my dreams. But alas, the housing market crashed and now we are well and truly stuck!

So I was absolutely delighted when I saw one for sale locally that looked just the ticket and it fits!!

When I went to see it, I really expected not to like it after all.
Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how many I have looked at over the years!
Either that or something would happen and I wouldn’t manage to get to it quick enough.
But no. I Liked it, I liked the price. It really is practically brand new and it Fits!

To top off the marvellousness,they said they were able to deliver!
Not only did they, but they took my old couch out and put the new one in!
Wow! How wonderful is that!!

Out with the old

And in with the new!!

I feel like a grown up on my Grown up couch in my, rapidly becoming, grown ups house!


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