Monday: B had her first official fiddle lesson with Grandad today. She was keen to get to her practice tonight.
We are under strict orders to practice Every single day!!

Tuesday: Night times without Daddy can be pretty stressful, they seem to be taking twice as long as they ought to. How lovely that B took care of the night time story tonight.

Wednesday: Talking to Daddy is the highlight of our evenings. Tonight he was talking to the monkeys, literally. J and B were making their toys have a fine chat with daddy.

Thursday: Happy morning people dancing to the music!

Friday: Making our first Smoothie ice lollies!!

Saturday: Pancakes for brunch! Oh so good!!

I haven’t managed to keep up with any posts through the week this week, but I am all up to date with my daily pics.
Joining in with The Boy and Me in linking up our weekly pictures.

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    • My own fiddle has been waiting patiently for, me so much so that I think it’s probably out of tune too, haha
      My dad is her teacher, I am hoping I can learn alongside B.
      I am going to have to get him to tune it though.

  1. I played the violin for a short time, I wasn’t very good at it though! I think it’s great to encourage children to play instruments though, it seems to be something that’s being left behind now.

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