Hey you, with the blue eyes!


I worry about J.
He has been doing some weird things for a while that make me panic, probably unwarrantedly but hey ho, that’s what I do.
The latest is looking as far to the right as he can with his eyes and turning his head to the left.
Try it, it’s weird and you now look mighty weird for trying!!

So I flagged it up in Nursery to get them to try to gently discourage it but they, unwittingly, set off all my internal alarms by suggesting that I speak to the Health Visitor or GP.

A friend calmed me down by saying that perhaps it is just a tic that will go away, and more quickly if I stop making a fuss of it, in its own time.
That, perhaps, it is brought on by Hubs leaving us again.

The HV thought it was an attention seeking thing but I am not so sure. He doesn’t just do I when I am looking and often is caught unawares when either B or I call him on it.

All three suggested a trip to the opticians to see if it was his eye muscles that were at fault.
I have to say, I had my doubts about this for an idea because he seems to in control of what he is doing.

But along we went and managed to jump the list, April was the first appointment available!

We were seen at 2pm
By 230pm we were out and J has Perfect vision!!
I can’t believe how pleased I am by that! Haha

So what started as a worrying day, following on from worrying over the weekend, now I am super chuft with my boy because he has perfect eyes!

Hang on though. . . . . . .
He is still doing it!?

Dinner at Granny and Grandads tonight though and Grandad did have to retune my fiddle. The look on his face when he tried the strings, haha!

But, after he had sorted mine, and my bow, he sorted Bs, because she messed about with it.
He brought them both down the hall and had us have a wee practice together, in front of my mum, sister and brother in law.
But actually, with my B by my side, and I for her, I am sure, we were both confident and, I think, did a great job.
Go us!
One day we will play real tunes together, though I might not manage because I may well be blubbing with pride, for us both!


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