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Monday: B had her first official fiddle lesson with Grandad today. She was keen to get to her practice tonight.
We are under strict orders to practice Every single day!!

Tuesday: Night times without Daddy can be pretty stressful, they seem to be taking twice as long as they ought to. How lovely that B took care of the night time story tonight.

Wednesday: Talking to Daddy is the highlight of our evenings. Tonight he was talking to the monkeys, literally. J and B were making their toys have a fine chat with daddy.

Thursday: Happy morning people dancing to the music!

Friday: Making our first Smoothie ice lollies!!

Saturday: Pancakes for brunch! Oh so good!!

I haven’t managed to keep up with any posts through the week this week, but I am all up to date with my daily pics.
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Sunday: Grown up furniture!


For years we have struggled with cheap furniture.
Second hand, hand me downs, cheap ikea rubbish.
I do actually love trawling the second hand shops and finding vintage pieces.
Slowly but surely we are managing to upgrade.
I now have a decent unit for my telly, a cupboard for my fabric stash (used to be the toy cupboard but I reclaimed it not long ago when we moved the rooms around upstairs and now all their toys have plenty space in their bedroom). I bought myself a cuddle seat last year (turns out hubs really doesn’t like it but at least it looks better than what was there before!) and now I have managed to find a second hand couch, that is practically brand new!

We were so pleased with ourselves, 12 years ago, when we bought our couch and it has done us well for all that time. But for around 3 years now it has been time to say goodbye, only I have struggled to find anything that we could afford or that would be no longer than 2metres long. Any longer and I wouldn’t be able to open my cupboard door!
I really hanker after a corner sofa but my house just isn’t big enough.
I put off looking, in the hopes that we might sell up and then I really could go all out, for the house of my dreams. But alas, the housing market crashed and now we are well and truly stuck!

So I was absolutely delighted when I saw one for sale locally that looked just the ticket and it fits!!

When I went to see it, I really expected not to like it after all.
Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how many I have looked at over the years!
Either that or something would happen and I wouldn’t manage to get to it quick enough.
But no. I Liked it, I liked the price. It really is practically brand new and it Fits!

To top off the marvellousness,they said they were able to deliver!
Not only did they, but they took my old couch out and put the new one in!
Wow! How wonderful is that!!

Out with the old

And in with the new!!

I feel like a grown up on my Grown up couch in my, rapidly becoming, grown ups house!



Monday: Dinner at Granny’s and their first tastes of tinned Ambrosia Rice. boy oh boy did it go down well!!

Tuesday: B had friends knock on the door to visit her. My door is always open for any of her friends to come and play. I am a little over protective of her and won’t let her go knocking on friends doors, so I figure its only fair that I always welcome them in when they call on her. It brings me so much happiness to hear them playing and being so happy, sometimes the house seems empty when they are away. Full post, here

Wednesday: The trip to the frozen beach. What a fantastic outing that was. I think I sometimes forget what a great beach we have and how close it is. We could literally walk to it if we were of a mind to, have done a number of times. But I particularly enjoyed this day because it was a last minute thing with friends.

Thursday: J and I played with my new toy today. A smoothie maker that can do 8 different things! Today we tried the juicer and them made smoothies.Yum!

Friday: What a day this was, but choosing a picture was pretty easy. I think this was their favourite part. Going to the Pet Shop is like a trip to the zoo for them (I did that once, visited a zoo. Never again! wild animals should not be caged, IMO) Much excitement over the little gerbils and hamsters though, then all the pretty coloured fish! Fridays itinerary

Saturday: A slow day today. They really like these days, the ones were you can almost stay in your Jammies all day. B was reading this book. Can you see it,the writing is pretty small and she is only 6! She said she really was reading it all though. Certainly I think that, for the most part she could follow the story but then the book does have a cd and they both play it again and again, and again, at Granny’s house!

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A couple of quotes


Me – Have a drink J.
J – its cold
Me – Och, away, just get it down your neck, J
J – I can’t get it down my Neck mummy.
Me – Sure you can
J – No, I can’t get it down my neck mummy
Me – Well, it would be best down there than down your chest or on your cheeks (thinking I am very clever)
J – No mummy, I have to get it down my Throat.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

B – Its 3 past 5, mummy
J – That’s means its 8 o’clock, doesn’t it!

Friday: a busy day


Today’s itinerary
0900. Drop children to school
0930-1125 spend far too long updating the blog
1130. Pick up J from nursery, peddling like a crazy being into the wind, realising now why J struggled this morning, oops
1200 Finally get J home only to dash in grab what food I could find and throw us back out the door
1215 Meet a lady to view a new, second hand couch.
1230-1315 Grab some shopping in town with J (red shop for juice, J is delighted!! But desperate for the loo, poor wee lamb) grab some food for me, giving half of it to J. How does that happen??
We nip to the charity shop.
Nothing new but J did see the money slide.
Just has to be done. He had at least 5 goes and was simply delighted!!

1330 Pick B up from school. Drive to the next town for her Dentist appointment.
1355-1415 Wee detour to return the blender I bought last week, when what I really needed was a smoothie maker. But, of course, we are now next to Pets at Home. So we simply have to go and see the animals

1430 B has her appointment and they bamboozle me with two options, whilst J demands attention behind me with his cars jigsaw game. A game he normally just plays away happily with.
The dentist just keeps on talking regardless and I am at a loss as to understand her because she is foreign, telling me things I simply don’t understand and I just can’t concentrate when my other child is badgering me. Thank goodness her assistant went round to help J out and I could begin to understand the dentist.
B can either have a filling which might last her until the tooth naturally falls out, or she can put on a big old metal crown! Looks like something that guy from Bond would have. But it would defo last her through to the tooth falling out.
Sorry but I went for the filling in the hopes that it will see her through long enough, if it doesn’t I will just have to reconsider at that point.
Fingers crossed it lasts.

1445 B is done and we are out. I don’t think I have ever been to the dentist when we were out that fast!!
So now we have time to dash back through to the other town so that the children and I can go swimming, Yay!!
1515 We arrive at the pool and start to get ready.
There is great deliberation over which locker to choose for their clothes

1700 We all had a brilliant time! They decided to leave when they were ready so there was no bother about my making them get out before they were ready.
I like that in a way, but also not because it means they got bored. It isn’t so great that they got bored but it is good that they weren’t having to be torn out before they were ready.
Oh dear, a mothers guilt, I will just never win.
1705 Quick trip to Tesco to buy . . . . . PIZZA!
Ah go on, it is Friday after all.
1800 I have no idea why it took so long to get the pizza out. Guess the shopping took longer than I thought, or sorting the three loads of washing that are now ready to be put through the machine.
I seem to be leaving the washing until a Friday, after swimming, and just doing the lot as a oner. Quite like not having to worry about constantly folding clothes all week.
1800-1830 Dancing on Ice. B and I are delighted, J had really had enough after half a hour and asked, ever so nicely that it would be his turn next.
So they dashed for Jammies, and then got their Abney and Teal, and a bedtime story.
1930 another half an hour went missing somewhere but you called now and we were all really happy to hear from you And be able to see you!!
2015 I finally get out of their bedroom and downstairs.
Oh no, I didn’t. Sat in our room for a bit. I quite like the quiet for 10 mins or so.
Before I built up the energy to do a workout.
Blimmin video kept cutting out on me though, was driving me daft!
But I got there, I got a good going sweat and out of breathness. Along with the doing it to failure thing, which is good, I reckon.
2130-2240 Or there abouts, I watched nonsense on the google box.
Folded some washing then headed for bed.
It is now 0019 and I really ought to stop typing this out and get to bed!
I actually love these fully filled days, you know I do. And writing it down only confirms that this was a Good day.

Night night mannie

Thursday: A new toy, but who is it for?


My new smoothie maker arrived last night.
Our lovely neighbours caught the delivery man before he went away with it, then delivered it to me later that night.
Aren’t they the Best!
So today I had to play.
It comes with a juicer attachment thing. So again, I just had to play.
J and I decided to make orange juice. I had bought big ones last week with all my good intentions, but hadn’t eaten man yet, so it was the perfect choice.

20130119-002217.jpgWe peeled and chopped them up into wee bits and fed them in to the top. J even got to play with the pressie thingy (technical term that)

20130119-002241.jpgMmmmmmm Fresh Orange Juice is Niiiiice!
But what should we do with what was inside the attachment. Pulp really?

Might as well try making a smoothie out of it. Afterall, all you have to do it remove the juicer bit and voila, it’s a smoothie maker once more and the pulp is all there.
So we added bananas and some of the frozen blueberries from the freezer.
Bit too thick so a wee scoof of milk.
Mmmmm, nice.

20130119-002350.jpgI sent J out to dispose of all our peelings in the whatd’yamecallit? Bad wasn’t it. It’s freezing out there. But he didn’t. Even batt an eye
He just went on out, popped them in and came back.
I thought there would be complaints and I would have relented, but no, off he went.
What a trooper!

When he came back, the smoothie had solidified!? It was like a mousse kind of a thing now.
J was just as happy to use a spoon as drink it though, so no complaints.

And B was more than happy with her pudding mousse too.
Though, we did have to make another one afterwards too.
They do love their smoothies!
And I am delighted with my new purchase!
And just £25, posted too!