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Silent Sunday (56/365)



Silent Sunday




Monday: A trip into the city today. What style to be driven in by hubs Dad in his mark two 1961 Jaguar!
Tuesday: Travelling day today. With a stop at the children’s all time favourite outdoor park.
Wednesday: Wednesday is a pretty busy day with the children having dancing lessons but J and Daddy managed some quiet time and a hug.

Thursday: On the way home on Monday, we bought both children new cycle helmets. J was keen to try his out.
Friday: Another made up style. Poor B ended up upside down for this one and it could do with perfecting.
Does anyone know how the professionals get the hair to look silky even after putting it up? Bs hair is always so fly away.
Saturday: Hubs took the children out this morning. So no pictures were taken. Then the afternoon was spent watching the DVDs that they had asked, so very nicely, to watch.
Bed time came around all too soon and they were gone.
Still, hubs and I enjoyed ending the week with a roaring fire and good telly.

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Dancing Days


Wednesdays are Dancing days for us.
Straight from school we drive on over to our dancing lessons.
J first 330-430
B next 430-530
Today Daddy was able to come with us!

20130221-230250.jpg J was delighted with himself because his Daddy was here!

I think Daddy enjoyed the classes, though he couldn’t believe how cold it was!
It never really bothers me, but then he points out that I have a lovely warm coat and he was not dressed for it.

20130221-232618.jpg A beautiful shot of my boys enjoying a cuddle earlier in the day.

20130221-230353.jpg I had to share this picture as well because I love it.
Its not often that I would share any images of me, but this is the second one that B has taken that I actually like.
It must be the happiness at having Daddy home.

gush gush, bleuch 😉

Tuesday: Travelling Day


Time to do Bs hair.
I have to have a think about how to do it on travelling days.
I want it to be pulled back securely enough that it won’t come loose but so that it will be comfy if she falls asleep.
Today I decided on herringbone braids.

20130221-213146.jpgDon’t they look pretty

20130221-213351.jpgPoor B, I spend so long after doing her hair, trying to get good images.

20130221-213400.jpgOne from each side today.

Time to travel.
Lots of fond farewells to Granny and Grandad K.
B even waved my summer hat out of the window so that they could see us as we went around the last corner.

20130221-213955.jpgSweet little J giving Ginger a cuddle.

20130221-213947.jpgDaddy keeping us safe driving us home.
Destination Park
The children were given the choice of a swim or that park.
The answer was a resounding “The Park!!”

20130221-211720.jpg I love when they choose to do things together, long may the connection between them last.

I didn’t get a picture of Js very very favourite thing in the park but he was in a constant loop.
Up the frame, down the “Deep Dark”!
His most favourite activity is the looping slide.
We will hear about his desire to return to the “Deep Dark” for months to come, I should think! 😀

20130221-211803.jpg Little jumping pits are so much fun! Even I had a wee hop!

Time to go.

20130221-215116.jpgOne man and his boy.

20130221-211925.jpgOK, last thing.
Really, this time we are going.

Back to the car, next stop is shopping.
I left hubs with the children to go to the cafe whilst I picked up what we needed.
When I joined them B was sitting at the window colouring and chatting to this lady.
Hubs told me she was doing activities with the children, mainly face painting but B and J can’t have their faces painted because it affects their skin, so B did some colouring then the lady read her a story.

20130221-212056.jpg I like this image because she is clearly connecting with B through this story but I am still slightly unsure about what it was all about?

20130221-212105.jpg J stayed with Daddy to have cake and crisps.
Cake and Crisps!!?
Er, Daddy, you are spoiling him 😉

Back into the car and the last leg of the journey.

We had an incredibly scary moment when we were about 30 miles from home.
Fog had descended and it was pretty thick, Hubs saw something up ahead on the road and hit the brakes to stop.
Thank God he did because a farmer had parked his trailer on the road, without lights!!
They were unloading hay bales into the farmyard.
It was only when we continued our journey that we realised the danger we had been in.
Thank God for Hubs quick reactions!

But we made it home safe and sound.
That aside, I think we had a great day travelling.
The children certainly did.

Monday: meetings in the city


Sunday night and we are going out for our dinner.

20130221-100711.jpgLook at that sky!!

Poor Grandad K took ill, he thought he would follow us down when he was ready but, as we were leaving, I could see that he was not going to make it 😦
So it was just us, Granny K and Uncle J.
It was….an interesting meal. The service wasn’t great and the food orders came out incomplete. They forgot to get the sauce they offered for B, so we had to chase them and the same thing happened with the drinks order.
Shame, because the hotel we were dining in is normally spot on and lovely.
But the waiter needed an attitude check, he thought he was the bees knees when in fact he was simply not up to speed and certainly not apologetic enough for my liking. Arrogant ignorance would have been my choice of words to describe his general demeanour.

Nevermind, the company was lovely and the food was good.

20130221-100658.jpgHere is Granny with her boys.

By the time we got home Grandad was up and about and feeling a bit better.
After a full nights sleep he was raring to go in the morning.
He was going to give us a lift into the city and was excited to take us there in his old Mark Two Jaguar.

20130221-100726.jpgIsn’t it just Beautiful!?

Our meeting, with our accountants, went well so Hubs and I spent a happy couple of hours spending some of his hard earned cash.
Then, we missed our train!
Hubs watch stopped working and we missed it by about two minutes. We actually saw it leave! Both saying, “That wasn’t it? Was it?!”
Yes it was.

So Grandad had to come to our rescue. We were able to catch a later train but it wouldn’t take us to where our car was, so we would need a lift to get to the next stop.
Oh, man!
Sorry Grandad.

Car retrieved, we headed on home to Granny’s.
How lovely to have our car back and for it not to be making odd noises. And to be able to open Js door from the outside again! Yippee!!