Visit to the park, who cares if its cold!?


Granny decided that she needed some air.
Inspired by The Boy and Me and her bid to spend 15 minutes outside everyday, I thought we could probably do with some air ourselves so, next thing Granny knew we all agreed that that would be a great idea!

Granny thought maybe a wee walk to the shop would do just fine, Grandad decided a detour to the park would do the children good.
So he went one way whilst mum and I went the other.
When we rejoined them, the children were delighted!!
Aunty N, and J had wet bottoms from being unable to resist the slide even though they acted as towels to dry it off!
Next up,the assault course!

It wasn’t long before some help was required.
Grandad was straight in!


B is pretty independent though!

J needs a little more assistance
( er, where is B going?)

Nearly there J!!
( seriously, what is B up to?)

Next up, the balancing beam!

Time for home, complaints afoot that a walk had been on the cards, not a stand around in the play park.
Fair enough, my fingers are definitely a bit frozen now.
Now where is that B?
All the way over there, ‘What are you up to B?’
‘I was just going to look, mummy!’
Oh right, that’s that solved then 😉

Homeward bound!
Back to heat up and look forward to a slow roasted beef dinner, yum!

I think I, we all, managed our 15 minutes, huh?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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