Homework can be fun!


Back to school on Monday after nearly a week off for B.
She took a sore throat that had her croaking instead of talking.
And, though we all know how much fun that is (when it’s not actually painful to talk), I thought it best that she was a home to rest it as much as possible I case it turned into something else.
At least, if she was there and her defences were low, she could also be susceptible to worse. That is enough for me to keep her off.
On the whole, my two are pretty healthy, normally avoiding the sicky bugs when they do the rounds and mostly being flu free.
So I figure my strategy is working.

Anyways, after a week at home she was keen to get back!
We skipped swimming this week because, again, I figure no point in pushing her and regretting it.
So I was able to collect her straight from school today (normally she has to go to the after school care because J has his class later in the day and I just can’t make it back to the school in time for B)

Here she is, last as always.
Bless her, she told me she was helping, with her best friend, to clear up the classroom a bit.
How can you complain when those are her reasons?
Well, you can’t, can you.

Home and, of course, homework.
I am not sure if there was any catching up to do, but there was writing, maths and reading to be done.
She took straight to the kitchen table to do her writing then on to Maths.

Today J was able to join in, for the first time, because we decided to use his cars as counters. So why not get him to do the counting.

Do you remember the trick I used last time for maths.
Blowing the answer into your hands so as to not jump ahead before the younger/less able can get the chance to answer?
Well, this time, I had B do the sum in her head and blow it into her cupped hands, then J would count it out.
Tapping her hand to see if they were both right.
They did really well.
I think J stayed the course for over 6 sums.
That is to say, he managed them all, I think there were 12, but a few we would just skim over.
Like 11-0=
It seemed too complicated to explain that to J yet, and B had the answer written as quick as blinkey anyway.
Actually written down its pretty easy, isn’t it? Haha
Oh, I don’t know, some we skipped over for whatever reasons we had, B and I.
But he stayed with us and seemed to enjoy it.

This was his reward!
How he loves to be read to by his sister.
It doesn’t matter if she is slow or struggles, he sits patiently listening, enraptured.
Not that B is a slow reader these days by any stretch!
I think she is a super duper reader but then I am totally biased.

See, homework can be fun!
I love when they spend time learning together as well as capering.


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