Tuesday, writing and violin practice


Today, J and I nipped into town after Nursery.
I had been browsing through Pinterest when I came across this idea.

I thought, what a brilliant idea!
J is struggling with his pencil grip and can only get the first 3 letters of his long name because of it (well, that and his lack of interest in most things arty) so I thought we could try to find a wee ball about the right size for him to give this a go.

His sister was there to encourage him to keep trying.
He gave it about 6 or 7 attempts before he started to become a little upset at the pressure from us both, oops.
Also a sign that he is now beginning to come down with whatever his sister had, and it is making him emotional over lots of things that wouldn’t normally upset him so 😦

We haven’t tried since, but he has taken it up to the 3 letters that are now clear. So I think this is progress.

A bit of a relax after that before we had Grandad round to do some fiddle practice with B.
She is to take her fiddle into school tomorrow ( shhhh, don’t tell her, but grandad has been invited too! ). So they want to make sure she has really mastered The Grand Old Duke of York.

My B can play The Grand old Duke of York on her fiddle!!


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