Monday: sharing homework, is fun!
Tuesday: grandad wanted to make sure that B was truly ready to take her fiddle into school by coming out for an extra practice.
Wednesday: Trying out stacked braids, but I think it needs a little work.
Thursday: Our bikes. I like us to take them out as often as possible. Tonight is just a little way up the road, not all the way to school, so just a wee jaunt.
Friday: My boy and I enjoying a cuddle on the couch, watching Old Jacks Boat. Have you seen this yet? It is a great programme. We might, shhhh, make our summer hold a trip to Staithes. I think the children would Love it!!
Saturday: Today seems to be a ‘plugged in’ kind of a day. B on her DS which she just unearthed from heaven knows where, J on my phone despite his receiving an innotab for his Christmas, hmm. And I am on here doing this ๐Ÿ™‚
There is talk of a walk on the beach but the idea is not being greeted with whoops of excitement, though I think it’s just going to happen whether they can be bothered or not.
You can’t be ‘plugged in’ all day!?

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