Silly Fears?


I really want to book the cottage in Staithes but I am scared. What if everything falls around our ears, what if we can’t go or hubs can’t take time off or…….
Stoopid isn’t it.
I will also need to book us a parking space ASAP. Because the village is so small we can’t park at the house. But the parking I have found has CCTV and the people who run it live next to it. It would be perfect!
I should just do it, right?

Yorkshire itself, everything is a hour or two away so I was worried for a bit, but then thought, look at a map, dafty, things must be closer than that!
I was right, Middlesbrough, about half an hour away offers So much for us to do!

Should I just do it?

The deposit is only £25 so if it all falls around our ears, as I can’t help but fear it will, it’s not much to lose.

Do we want to holiday in Britain when we could, possibly only this year (see, I just see this job of hubs falling apart. Not though his doing just through our luck) be able to afford a holiday abroad??

Further worrying and creating dilemmas will have to follow before I can pluck up the courage to do it!


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