Saturday: Enjoying the winter sun


I finally managed to get us moving!
We decided to nip our local beach with a little lunch to enjoy when we got there.
Parking up at the side rather than making our way round to the car park, we had a steep climb to get ourselves down to the beach.

20130209-190749.jpgWe were brave ‘Rock Climbers’ exploring a brand new cliff face!

20130209-190931.jpgLOOK! What a odd thing to find in a stone.
It must have been scraped in years ago but worn down over the years, do you think?


20130209-191411.jpgBig proud waves because they managed to make it down to the beach.

20130209-191440.jpgMy girl, off on her own, no fears.

20130209-191448.jpgThis little monkey, though, liked to sticking close to me today.

20130209-191457.jpgThis isn’t a great picture but we think that that white thing way over there is a heron. It was standing very tall, with its thin neck and long beak, but I can’t be sure, I am not so crash hot on my bird spotting. I wish my brother had been with us, he would have known.

20130209-191529.jpgMy beautiful little family!

20130209-191516.jpgThis one was for Grandad, ‘Look Mummy! A fiddle!!’

20130209-191523.jpgNow we just need to be ‘Rock Climbers’ once more and scale these giant rocks to get back up to the car and the Lamingtons that await us there!

Joining in with Combe Mill, Country Kids, again for their weekly linky.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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