Sunday with good friends


Today started with an unplanned trip to the cinema.
We are so lucky to have a cinema in our little town and so much luckier still that they do a kids club at the weekend, where its is under £2 to go their films!
This week was our second viewing of The Rise of the Guardians.
This week we had planned to go swimming then go and visit a friend, but instead we invited him to come to the cinema with us because we weren’t sure if he had seen it or not.
Turned out he had, but was as delighted to watch it for the second time, as we were!

20130210-215206.jpgAs usual we were running in at the last minute!

Loved the film again!!
Oh, did the children enjoy it?
Er, think so. . . . . .

Round to our friends afterwards and the children took off.
Love that too!
That way we got to have a good old chat and catch up.
Spot of lunch and then she decided that my two needed a go on her sons quad bike.
Quad bike??
I didn’t know she had a quad bike!

20130210-215216.jpgB had to get kitted out in all the gear.
Don’t children look funny with those massive helmets on?

Some adjustments needed to fit it to Bs wee head.

20130210-215228.jpgGetting her instructions.

20130210-215237.jpgand She’s Off!!


20130210-215249.jpgshe got to go round their roundabout twice, nearly landing in the ditch once! Oops

Yeah. I think she enjoyed herself 🙂

20130210-215300.jpgJs turn!
I tried to get a shot of him with a huge grin on his face. Unfortunately, he was waving so wildly that he covered his face!

20130210-215307.jpgGetting started.

20130210-215320.jpgHe had to be helped or he might have ended up on his back!
Round he went.


We were not expecting that.
What a great treat!

Then we got to stay for dinner, Pizza!!

Good times with good friends!


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