Tuesday: Holiday times with friends


Today we visited another friends house.
I love visiting and having visitors round, can you tell?

Today is Bs best girlfriends turn to have us round, we haven’t managed it for a while and this time J gets to stay because I am going to stay too.
Pity the mother eh πŸ˜‰

Last night this friend was round at Bs Grandads house because she is starting to learn the fiddle too.
Today I brought Bs fiddle with us so that they could practice together.
After lunch that is what we did. The girls were not quite so keen, they wanted to go and play, but we have all been told 5minutes every day, that’s all it takes.
That’s a direct quote by the way πŸ˜‰

20130212-223938.jpgBut they soon settled into it and did a great job of their practice.

20130212-223945.jpgL decided that it was time for some outside play after their practice.
Time to get wrapped up!
It was decided that summer hats were in order, so on they went.

20130212-223951.jpgI love this picture! Aren’t they just a great pair?

20130212-231124.jpgIt wasn’t long before the hats were changed.
B now has on bats wings, strangely, and doesn’t L look just fabulous in her Cowboy hat!?

20130212-231403.jpgThey are making positions!
B told me before bed, they were making them to make people better.
They had to be brown and just a small amount in the mouth would be enough to cure all ills πŸ™‚

Another great day!
N and I, of course, solved all the problems of the world.
Ok we didn’t but we could have with the amount we talked!
As I say, great day.
Nothing better than starting the mid term holidays with a couple of great days with great friends,for both the children and I.
Lucky guys, aren’t we πŸ™‚


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