Thursday: We’re on the Road again!


Well, this morning we were all packed up and ready to go, so we set. Off at 0830 this morning!
Go me!
I am so not normally an organised morning person!
You wouldn’t believe the difference in the roads. Not a speck of snow!

Ok maybe some on the hills and, the further south we go, in the fields next to the roads, but the roads themselves? Nothing!
It’s crazy!

The journey was pretty uneventful really.
We stopped off at the quarry to drop off a stone for Aunty N, cryptic or what? Watch this space 😉
Then popped into the Asda a couple of hours into the journey.
But I couldn’t resist a stop off in the city itself.
Just me and the children I could get away a trawl in TK Maxx, not hubs favourite place.
So what I thought would just. Be a quick peak, turned into a couple of hours!
Not all in TK Maxx! We popped into a couple of other shops too.
But B was pretty pleased with her purchase and J was so very very keen to pick up the only Cars related thing he could find in TK Maxx, that I caved and he was then a Very happy boy too!

20130215-225355.jpgYou wouldn’t believe Bs luck but it was actually raining when we left the shop!

20130215-225401.jpg How happy was she to immediately put up that brand new umbrella!?


Because they really were angels, I treated us all to a fresh smoothie!
It doesn’t take much to please our two.20130215-225414.jpg

We were meant to try out the Green Car further back in the shopping centre, but I totally forgot, so had to allow them a shot in this train instead.
Again, how easily pleased are they 😀
B got a bit of a fright though when it started to go off to the sides as well as forwards and backwards though,

Back on the road again, the next stop was the garage.
Granny K was meeting us there so that we could leave the car behind.20130215-225422.jpg

I loved what he had sitting in his forecourt!
20130215-225429.jpgB said she liked this one the best.

20130215-225434.jpgBut this one was definitely my favourite.
Give me a beetle any day and a Yellow one? Oh. Yes please!!

Onwards with Granny now and a spot of shopping.
J is such a monkey, he asks to get into the trolley every time.
Granny said she didn’t need much, so in he hopped.

So funny!!


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