Wednesday: no travelling today


A sudden snowstorm, I guess it would have to be called, cancelled our plans to travel south today.
I attempted it, because hubs had booked the car in for some work on Thursday and Friday. But got half an hour down the road and decided that it just wasn’t worth it.
As the police would say, I thought, ‘Is my journey essential?’
I thought not, turned around and took us home again.
We had a lovely day at home.
I relaxed in a bath, whilst the children watched a film, then they each relaxed in a bath.
Bit of lunch, which B insisted on making for us all, telling me that I always made lunch and it was her turn, gotta love that girl!
Then we all enjoyed a film together.

This was the weather by lunch time.

20130215-224159.jpgWhat you can’t see is that it is snowing.
B and I watched the snow falling from my bedroom window and couldn’t believe the size of some of the snow flakes!
Some, I actually flinched at, like they were big tissues that might whack me in the face.
Silly huh?

But there you go.

I heard that there was a 9 car accident about half an hour away from my planned destination.
And that the snow gates had been closed near it and near us up here.
Which might have meant that I had been trapped between getting to where I needed to be and stopping me from being able to get home instead.

I think I made the right decision in turning back.


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