Monday: Hands up. Forgot to take a picture today. It was a quiet day at home, then in to Granny’s for dinner.
Thought I would put up this image because I just Love it! Lol
Tuesday: Today we visited friends. Bs best girl friend from school.
The children all played together really well, we had pancakes for lunch then the girls practiced their fiddles together.
I had a fine long chat (ok I talked all day!! Lol)
Wednesday: We were meant to be travelling south today, but the weather suddenly turned wintery.
It turned out that staying put was exactly the right thing to do. There were many accidents on the road and snow gates were closed both before my destination and what would have been behind should I have been forced homewards.
Thursday: Today we did manage to travel south and what a road trip we had!
Friday: Our Fun Day at Granny and Grandads before we collect Daddy tomorrow.
Saturday: Pick up Daddy Day!!
Joining in with the linky over at The Boy and Me go on over and see what everyone else to up to this week.
TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


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