Friday: Fun Day ( picking Daddy up tomorrow!!)


Today is a Fun Day.
I called it that because the children were a little sad at the idea of being south but not seeing Daddy immediately.
So I said, Yes, but we can have a Fun Day first, then we go and collect Daddy.
They thought that sounded like a good idea.

It was a nice slow start to the day though, I feel that rushing out to things is just so stressful, so prefer to take it easy and let things flow (preferably not on into the afternoon though)
I decided to do my hair today, I very rarely pull mine back but I just felt like it today.

20130215-232457.jpgWhat do you think?

20130215-232445.jpgGranny sorted J out.

We didn’t tell the children where we were going, so that it would be a nice surprise when we arrived at the indoor play area.
This is something we can only really access when we are down here at Granny and Grandad Ks, so it’s a pretty big deal!
The children were super excited!!
Unfortunately so excited that J tripped over Granny’s feet in a bid to get himself to the loos fast enough so that he could get on with playing.
An awful moment where poor granny thought he had hurt his wrist badly on the quarry tiled floor.
Fortunately, it was just one of Js stumbles and he was fine after a wee cry and a cuddle.

Off they went and Granny and I were left to our own devices for about 2 hours!!

20130215-232524.jpgMuuuuumy!Look at us, we are right at the Very very top!!


I have to take a moment to share these images, because I love them!
One day I will just have to make something like it for my own home.

The Owl and The Pussy Cat was my favourite.


I have a cushion with similar flowers, but I really like the use of fabric for the flowers on this one.

The children had an absolute ball! And were so well behaved when I said it was time to go.
I always give them a count down though, 10 minutes guys, and so on.
It works for us.
Granny said that they were great because there is never any arguments.
That made me feel really proud, of me, and of the children.

Uncle J and Cousin S came round for dinner.
J and B were so pleased!
Uncle J is ever such a proud uncle.
‘Take our picture’ he insisted, for each his niece and nephew.


20130217-090515.jpgB has been practicing her fiddle every night.
She is doing so well!

But, of course, S wanted a try!

20130217-095513.jpgThen Uncle J had to have his wee go to.
Hope Grandad won’t be cross at us allowing others to play. Also hope that they haven’t messed up any of the tuning because I haven’t the first clue how to fix it 🙂

I think that this was a great Fun Day!
Tomorrow Daddy is home!!
So excited!!


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