Saturday: Daddy is Home!!


Today we are picking Daddy up from the airport!!
So excited!
I was up and making myself all beautiful, nice new dress, hair done, bit of cream on my face.
B had to have similar treatment!

Found this picture on PinterestC but it had no tutorial, so I just had to make it up.
I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Grandad drove us round to a spot where we could watch the planes landing.
Daddy had told us what to lookout for on the tail of his plane.
How excited were we when we spotted it coming in to land!!

20130217-103115.jpgThis is Daddy’s Plane!!

20130217-103055.jpg Grandad and J were out of the car, pointing and waving as it flew in to land!
We wondered if Daddy had spotted us!?

Grandad dropped us off at the airport, giving us directions as to where to wait for Daddy.

20130217-103130.jpgThey were beginning to get a little worried that so many people were coming out but not their Daddy.

20130217-102621.jpgThere He is!!
Third head back, sorry, it’s blurry.

I should have taken more but I had to get rid of the camera so that I could enjoy the moment too.

B said she would take a picture of us having a cuddle.

20130217-103012.jpgThis has got to be a favourite picture.

It wasn’t long before poor tired Daddy took to his bed.

Took the children to the park whilst the weather was still good.
They had a great time.



Poor J.
He said later that he thought Daddy might be gone when he got back, back to work.
So he was full of cuddles for his Daddy when he realised he was still there.


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