Monday: A trip into the city today. What style to be driven in by hubs Dad in his mark two 1961 Jaguar!
Tuesday: Travelling day today. With a stop at the children’s all time favourite outdoor park.
Wednesday: Wednesday is a pretty busy day with the children having dancing lessons but J and Daddy managed some quiet time and a hug.

Thursday: On the way home on Monday, we bought both children new cycle helmets. J was keen to try his out.
Friday: Another made up style. Poor B ended up upside down for this one and it could do with perfecting.
Does anyone know how the professionals get the hair to look silky even after putting it up? Bs hair is always so fly away.
Saturday: Hubs took the children out this morning. So no pictures were taken. Then the afternoon was spent watching the DVDs that they had asked, so very nicely, to watch.
Bed time came around all too soon and they were gone.
Still, hubs and I enjoyed ending the week with a roaring fire and good telly.

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