Golden silence


I have just been in to check on the children and I was struck by how completely silent and calm the room was.
What a lovely ambience.
My babies are, of course, beautiful in their sleep as is every other child in the world, but the serenity that hit me within that room was remarkable.
Enough for me to immediately feel the need to blog.

It made me remember the time my dad came into my house when the children were only babies, perhaps 1 & 3 years old. His first comment was “What a peaceful house!”
I loved that!
I have held onto it ever since.
That is what I strive for, I realised.

I grew up with three siblings, I was the third, and although the house had its quiet times, I guess there was always something going on.
The would have to be, with 4 growing children and a musical/scouting family.

Ever since I was a student I liked to have calm.
When I came home from college, I needed utter silence for about half an hour.
Sometimes I would just lay myself flat on my bed and stare at the ceiling.
Perhaps I was unwittingly meditating because my mind was blank but I was calm.

My husband and flat mate knew this about me and respected it. Hiding themselves away until I was ready to be social.

I think that it is important that my home, for my children, is a haven of peace and tranquility.
I want them to be able to feel completely relaxed and at ease with themselves and that has to come from the home.

It’s not to say that a house can’t be lively and full of fun and laughter that, of course, is as important.
I love, as I have written before, when B has her friends round and the house is alive with children thundering around upstairs, dashing from front garden to back, with my music playing as I bake.
These are memories of summer days past and long may they continue.
I feel we strike a fine balance but I will always hold onto my dads “What a peaceful house!” as a wonderful accolade.


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