Monday : After a trip to our local big Tesco at the weekend coupled with the farmers ploughing all the fields, the car was absolutely bark’it!
I spent ages washing it so that it looked all shiny and lovely.
An hour later you could see all the muck I had missed 😦
Tuesday : Today was haircut day. After the hairdresser left, I turned to find this at the top of my stairs. Love my cuddly monkeys.
Wednesday : Starburst Braid. Loving Cute Girls Hairstyles. This braid is simply all over the place.
But CGH is my favourite tutorial hairstyle website.
Thursday : I made these little fabric numbers for B when she was 3. She loved her numbers and could recognise them all from about 3 and a half.
J is his own person though and has always taken things in in his own time. At 4 he is showing interest in his numbers. So I was delighted to be able to take the numbers out again and play some games.
He did Fantastic and, when she came home, B was happy to continue the game.
Friday : Our school was a day late with World Book Day, but they celebrated it with a Winnie the Witch Day.
B dressed up as a witches cat.
As a quick idea I put her hair into braids as cats ears.
I think it worked out quite well.
Saturday : After a busy day, I got home and all I wanted to do was light the fire and flop on the couch. The children had different plans.
They took themselves out on their bikes!


Joining in with The Boy and Me linky.
Go on over and see what everyone else was up to this week.
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  1. Wow I love Wednesdays hair, it’s so neat, I could never do that, although in all fairness I’m lucky if my three year old will sit still long enough just to brush it. I like Fridays hair too.

  2. Tractors and mud a way of daily life along our rural lanes in Cornwall, car washing is kept to a minimum! Those braids are fab as is the Mickey Mouse bike helmet. Please come and join me on my Country Kids linky, all about outdoor fun. It’s every week from Saturday.

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