Scary happenings in my house!


I am not well today šŸ˜¦
So I took myself to bed for an hour:

I wake up with a start but feel so groggy I can barely move!
I try to lift my eye mask to check the time but everything feels so heavy!
I manage to move myself a little to see the clock but can’t make it out, so I lunge for my phone and manage to read it, 1152
Flopping back to the bed I think, och I still have time yet.

I hear someone in the toilet.
Who the heck is it!?
I am alone in the house, J is a Nursery until 1130.
I know I have a guy coming in to give me a quote but he wouldn’t let himself in, would he?
Maybe he would, this is such a trusting community…….
No, that’s not a man, that’s a little boy, must be J.
But hang on, how did he get home?
Oh god, it’s 1152 that means I have missed pick up!!
Someone must have popped him in, seeing that I wasn’t there.
I know I put on Facebook that I wasn’t well.
Oh, that was nice of them.
But surely that is really bad of me, and why didn’t anyone call? Or shout to say that he was home?
Oh Lordy do you think they saw me sleeping and just left J?
He is in the room now, I can hear his little voice whispering, maybe he will give me a little cuddle, that would be nice.
I should take this eye mask off to say hi, reassure him I am ok. Find out how he got home.
But I just can’t seem to move!
Oh dear this is getting worrying now. J is home and I am so so heavily asleep I just can’t move, not even to move this eye mask. I am trying but my arms are so so heavy I just can’t.
He is leaving the room now, “Don’t go sweety. Stay.
How did you get home, are you ok?”
But no words come out!
Oh! I just can’t do anything! I feel as if a huge weight is on me and my mind is so sluggish.
I fall asleep fretfully, awakening shortly after, I check the time 1054

OMG! It was a dream!
Thank God for that!

It was so incredibly real though!
So so scary.
I want to go and get my J straight away to make sure he is ok!


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