Good Friday Fun


We are so lucky up here to have good friends who also run their own crofts. Not a huge farm, just an intimate small holding.
For us it means that we can have the opportunity to get closer to the animals, some of them being quite domesticated.20130401-103812.jpgThis pair of lambs is no exception.

20130401-103819.jpgJ is always a bit more nervous than B, but I think that is to do with their ages. b used to be more nervous when she was his age.
In fairness though, he did pet these sheep I just didn’t manage to catch him on camera.

20130401-103915.jpgThese little chicks visited the school a matter of weeks ago and are already about double the size they were then.

20130401-110022.jpgFull grown hens next. B was delighted to be able to hold one herself, though I looks like she was getting a good amount of help, shhhh don’t tell her.

20130401-103931.jpgA smaller one now.

20130401-103937.jpgNext job is to feed the hens.
B and J were delighted when the hens came right up to take the feed from the jug.

Home afterwards and I have a pile of laundry to deal with, what joy.
J thought it was a great game!

20130401-104040.jpgNow use him!

20130401-104049.jpgNow you don’t!


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