Busy Busy Saturday


We have such a busy day today.
Three different places to visit.

First up, a Highland Dancing Festival (that’s a competition).
Some of Bs fellow classmates have entered so I thought we might go along, see how they do and whether or not B might be ready to start entering the competitions herself.
20130401-113240.jpgThey both behaved perfectly, though J was not especially impressed by the whole thing.

20130401-113301.jpgEven taking to lying flat out on the floor (the dancing is all taking place behind him at this point).
B and I were watching with interest, with me pointing out what the better dancers were doing that made them better, in comparison to what the not so good ones were up to.

We even purchased a kilt outfit for B, at great cost!
Well, in fairness, my mum came down later to pay for it and pick it up.
I now owe her rather a lot of money.
But, she said that she and Dad were going to pay half, so not quite as much as I thought!
I hadn’t expected that, so I was over the moon!!

[We tried the whole outfit on her today (Monday) and it is too big! šŸ˜¦
I am gutted!
I tried the kilt on and it seemed ok. It needs braces but then most first kilts do, but the waistcoat is huge and the socks are pretty big too.
Mum reckons its not too bad. She will need a new waistcoat but the socks should only need elastics at her knees to keep them up. Again, this is pretty normal.
I feel a wally for not taking more time. ]

After trying on the kilt we were running a little late for our next activity.
Messy Church.
Unfortunately, they don’t like staking pictures in here, even when I told them I was only focusing on my own children and ensuring that I got only the backs of any other childs heads.
But some of them are older ladies and it is just not worth the fight.
It really is a great thing though.
The leader (well, she wouldn’t call herself that I am sure šŸ˜‰ ) Anyway,she explains a bit about the bible and what it meant, asking the children for their input as she goes along.
Then they have related crafts for the children to enjoy.
It’s all rounded off with a prayer and a hymn.
This week the children practiced a hymn that was to be performed at the service on Sunday.
We were all invited to attend.

Afterward, the leader invited the few of us who had also been invited to the birthday party to come back to hers to get everyone dressed up for the Princess and Pirate Party.
What a giggle it was getting all the boys dressed up.

20130401-113314.jpg Here are my two.
A Perfectly scary Pirate and a pretty Spanish Princess.

20130401-113710.jpg I had to include this second picture because J was pulling his best pirate face!

20130401-113715.jpg What a cheeky pair this is, don’t you think. Just destined for trouble, aren’t they?

20130401-113649.jpg The party was a great success I hung around because I felt that, at 4 years old, J was too small to be left to his own devices. Plenty other mothers did leave theirs though.
I needn’t have stayed really, I thinkI only saw them when they were filling their faces eating.
This is J with his sneaky portion of Popcorn and Jelly (eating had long since finished when he returned and helped himself to this tasty snack)
When I said it was time to go he said, “Can I just finish my Feast first mummy?”
Feast? eurch.

20130401-113336.jpg These were attached to the present table (which was Heaving with presents for the party girl!).
What a great idea!
My little princess off for a trip in the carriage.

20130401-113342.jpg And my cheeky little pirate!

We got home far earlier than I thought so the children were able to have a play in the lovely sunshine before we all took a walk up to get some “mint chop chips” (J cannot see beyond calling them this šŸ™‚ )

A pretty good Saturday I reckon.


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