Monday : B Practicing her fiddle. It has been a wee while since she picked it up so it was a little stressful, but she really got there in the end. super proud!
Tuesday : Such a soft cat. They are both rubbing at his belly like you would a big dogs!
Wednesday : Daddy is leaving again, waaaay sooner than we expected and far sooner than I wanted 😦 But he is still excited to be off on a new adventure!
Thursday : I don’t know what it is with me and Thursdays!
Friday : Bashed car, again! It feels like it was just the other week that someone reversed into the front of me,now someone runs into the back of me!!
At least the car still goes, well enough to get us to a local fundraiser. Family Bingo!
I dashed out of my parents tonight so that I could get us there on time.
Wish I hadn’t bothered. J hated the sound of the automated bingo caller, B struggled to keep up with the numbers and I was just downright bored.
We left at the half way point.
Well, at least they got at our money.
Later that night someone knocked our door. J had won a raffle prize!
Ah we’ll, not such a waste of time then 😉
Saturday : Visiting another friends farm today. B got a cuddle with a lamb!
She was pleased though she held it funny because she didn’t want to touch any dirty bits, hehe

Yay! Finally on time to join in with the linky!
TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


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