Girls Night In


Recently I was asked to do Bs hair, as a challenge in a Generation Game style Girls Night In, for Macmillan Cancer.
I jumped at it!
As you know, I LOVE doing my Bs hair, so this sounded like so much fun!
Closer to the date I was asked did I want to do some styles as a stand, before the game began. I thought that sounded fun too.
but then we thought instead why not do some Demos instead, for some of the mums.

I have lost track of my dates this month already, can it really be the 26th April already!!
So I asked my lovely neighbour, and honorary Granny, if she would mind babysitting for me so that we could go. She was more than happy to help me out.
She is such a lovely Granny.

We have not long returned from a very very enjoyable night “In”.

B was amazing.
For me it comes as no surprise. I knew she would be.
Sorry, does that sound big headed of me?
It is just that I know my daughter so well.
I know that she likes getting her hair done. But that she also likes to stand as an example to others.
In her dancing class, if she is asked to step forward to do dithering dance first, or in swimming, she positively beams with pride that she is being considered good enough to step forward.
Sometimes it is simply because alphabetically, she has a higher chance of being first, but shhhh she does necessarily know that and, if it increases her confidence, who can say its bad.
And no, it doesn’t make her big headed, she doesn’t seem to stop for a moment to think that it makes her any the better than the others, it is just her personal goals that she strives for.
So this, showing of hairstyles, I know makes her feel proud, of herself, of her hair and of Me and what I can do with her hair.

So many, as my B stood so proud, remarked upon her demeanour as much as her hair.
B was patiently quiet, allowing me to try one or two things when people asked, without a murmur of complaint.
I had a great time having my abilities, and my daughter (more so, my daughter) praised.

For the Generation Game, we chose a simple diagonal Dutch Braid.

I was a bit shakey and one of the girls watching me commented on it but still, it was over so quickly.
The girl who commented managed a side way French pleat instead of a Dutch one, but still, it was close enough. The other couldn’t even get it started, such a shame to watch her struggling, she had only volunteered because she thought she would be the model, not the one putting the plait in!

Bernadette enjoyed watching the other games, the first was making a balloon dagger. B got to take one home for J and for herself. Then the boy made her a flower just for her! How sweet! the next was face painting.
I nipped to one of the stands to have my colours done.
Have always been kinda interested in getting it done, to give me some direction and focus when shopping.
Turns out I am already wearing, mostly, the right colours and my normal palette of muted, autumnal colours is spot on. I could add some burnt oranges, teal blues and rusty reds though.
I found it very informative.

J was a dream, well, it seems he was probably in one because our neighbour Granny didn’t hear a peep out of him all night.
She had arrived just as he went to bed, so she got a goodnight cuddle and kiss, which pleased her, I think, but then she didn’t hear another sound.
So, all in all I have had a very lovely night and I am very very proud of my children!


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