Visiting with friends


What a lovely day we had when we went to see friends of J and Bs who have a small holding nearby.
The four children get on like a house on fire, in fact, J professes that little H (in the first picture) is his Best Friend. his Very Best Friend, in fact!
B is good friend with Hs Brother T, they are all pretty much the same age, at least they will be in each. Others year at school now for the duration.

So everyone was very excited about this upcoming visit.
The fact that they have lambs was our reason for getting together, their mother and I, thinking that my two would like to see them.
But really, I think the children needed only each other but the fact that they could run wild was a bonus.

We went out to the field though to see if we could make a grab for one so that my two could pet it. Hs Mummy was trying her best with her crook but it was little H who just nonchalantly picked one up and took it over for B.

20130423-095216.jpgWho took it in her arms though made sure to miss touching anything to ichy, lol!
She really is a princess.
But, in fairness to her, she held it, whilst J . . . . .

20130423-095319.jpgWell, I don’t think he could have taken himself further away from it all such was his lack of interest.

Though, what you maybe can’t see is that B and H took to the hills after this whilst J came running back to my side.
H has a Cars track inside for full sized Cars.
What more does a J need?!

We then ended up staying for lunch and on into the afternoon where I helped to a bit of clearing out of a barn. Old china tea sets and some old fabrics amongst many vintage finds.
Hs mummy isn’t entirely sure what is to become of it all, but I sure had a great time going through it all.

A lovely day with lovely friends and a welcome to return Any time we like.


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