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Monday : May Day Bank Holiday Monday for us. We did very little for most of the morning, I love those days. But I decided that we needed some fresh air.
A lovely walk to the beach was just what we needed.
Tuesday : Another lovely afternoon for J at his after school/nursery club.
Wednesday : Finally I was allowed to have a stay and play. It has been bugging me since J started in August that I couldn’t have a stay and play, finally they relented but the list was stuck in the corner and I nearly missed it. This was the last slot.
I had a wonderful wonderful time!!
Thursday : J had a dentist appointment today. They said his teeth have perfect hygiene, yippee!!
We walked to Grandads afterward and helped with a little gardening.
(Did ya notice!? I remember to take a picture this Thursday! Go me!!)
Friday : Testing out my fabric choices for making a quilt for J. He immediately tested it out 😉
Saturday : We had a lovely afternoon today. Bs very best friend is back for a visit! We joined them for a fun afternoon on the beach.
I love this picture that I took of the co conspirators.

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We came to a “streetching” halt


Whilst driving, now and again, as you know, you may have to stop suddenly or quickly
“We had to do a streetching halt Mummy, didn’t we?”
“A streetching halt?”
“Mmhm, just like fanchesco benooli. In the race in Cars. He had to come to a streetching halt too didn’t he?”
“Yes, he did, didn’t he?”
“Yeah, and so did we just then.”
I think the car I front turned suddenly without indicating so I had to brake, hardly a streetching halt but hey, that’s what J says so now we seem to do lots of these streetching halts 🙂 🙂 hehe
Although, just the other week we had the joy of stopping quickly for the car in front only for the driver behind to not be quite so prepared

20130502-221817.jpgWhat fun!
Still, it’s in the garage now, and a new bumper is being fitted and resprayed.
The lass who bumped into us was lovely about it all, we managed it privately and she was quick in paying for the whole thing.
So many would mess things about.

It wasn’t that long ago that someone reversed into the front of me and, it turns out, hey haven’t yet paid their bill after insisting that we managed it privately in order that his insurance wouldn’t be affected.
Well, lets hope it is resolved soon or heaven knows what I will have to do next.
The police perhaps?

Still streetching halts, who wouldn’t grin about them
and maybe, just now and again, brake sharply, just so that J can shout about coming to a
Streetching Halt just like fanchesco!!



Monday : My crazy little J, hehe
Tuesday : J loves his time at the after school club. Love this image of him with his friends who go there with him.
Wednesday : The neighbours have build a wall at the end our gardens (1ft into their own garden all along the edge and the 2ft away from the old joining corner, but that’s another story). Now I am having to do a whole lot of work to try to make it make sense.
Thursday : As usual I have forgotten to take a Thursday picture. Honest, I don’t do it knowingly!!
Friday : This was Js choice of seat for his breakfast this morning, he is sitting on the bin!?
At granny and Grandads for dinner tonight, found these guys sharing a story.
Saturday : Yup, I am pretty sure that every week will contain at least one picture of Bs hair 😉
My mum thinks I ought to remember to do plain things every now and a while or B might end up being precious about her hair.
I am not so sure that she will become precious. The hair doing, every morning, is mainly for my benefit, B isn’t really fussy what I do. It is only because I gain so much enjoyment from it that she stays so patient for me. Yes she is proud, but not because she is vain.
But fair enough, sigh and little strop, maybe I will have to do something boring every now and again, sighs again in a harumph stylee.

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Oh the decisions a child has to make!


After our lovely evening, I was so pleased with Bs behaviour that I felt I had no option but to spend the next day taking her to the shops to choose herself a little gift.
We raided her money bank and added to the amount I gave her so that she had a good amount of money to spend.

20130430-003522.jpgBut boy was it a difficult decision.
Good job we weren’t in any rush anyway.

I ended up hopping from one aisle to the next.

20130430-003503.jpgWith J in heaven with all the Cars he could ever dream of. At one point he was flat out on the floor!!

20130430-003514.jpgThere were just so many options to choose from for little B.

20130430-003536.jpgBut finally decisions were made!!
Oops J ended up with another car. Another one we didn’t have but an important player in the film so I thought we should pick him up.
“I have to earn him back don’t I, mummy?”
He will be on the shelf until J has done enough odd jobs around the house and/or stops the horrid whining that he has taken to.
“I have to do jobs, don’t I, mummy? Like clean the table and not drop food.”
When we had someone to visit he quickly showed his car and explained how he had to earn him, and those were the jobs he stated for her.
She was a bit confused until I told her that I have started a new way for the children to earn pocket money in the house. J having spent his in advance now has to earn his car back.

It’s lovely to see them so keen and to have been able to remain calm as B took nearly 3/4 of an hour staring and staring at the shelves but eventually being Delighted to have been able to choose, and buy, herself a new toy.
Looking forward to being able to repeat the experience for them both.