Monday : My crazy little J, hehe
Tuesday : J loves his time at the after school club. Love this image of him with his friends who go there with him.
Wednesday : The neighbours have build a wall at the end our gardens (1ft into their own garden all along the edge and the 2ft away from the old joining corner, but that’s another story). Now I am having to do a whole lot of work to try to make it make sense.
Thursday : As usual I have forgotten to take a Thursday picture. Honest, I don’t do it knowingly!!
Friday : This was Js choice of seat for his breakfast this morning, he is sitting on the bin!?
At granny and Grandads for dinner tonight, found these guys sharing a story.
Saturday : Yup, I am pretty sure that every week will contain at least one picture of Bs hair 😉
My mum thinks I ought to remember to do plain things every now and a while or B might end up being precious about her hair.
I am not so sure that she will become precious. The hair doing, every morning, is mainly for my benefit, B isn’t really fussy what I do. It is only because I gain so much enjoyment from it that she stays so patient for me. Yes she is proud, but not because she is vain.
But fair enough, sigh and little strop, maybe I will have to do something boring every now and again, sighs again in a harumph stylee.

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