Monday : May Day Bank Holiday Monday for us. We did very little for most of the morning, I love those days. But I decided that we needed some fresh air.
A lovely walk to the beach was just what we needed.
Tuesday : Another lovely afternoon for J at his after school/nursery club.
Wednesday : Finally I was allowed to have a stay and play. It has been bugging me since J started in August that I couldn’t have a stay and play, finally they relented but the list was stuck in the corner and I nearly missed it. This was the last slot.
I had a wonderful wonderful time!!
Thursday : J had a dentist appointment today. They said his teeth have perfect hygiene, yippee!!
We walked to Grandads afterward and helped with a little gardening.
(Did ya notice!? I remember to take a picture this Thursday! Go me!!)
Friday : Testing out my fabric choices for making a quilt for J. He immediately tested it out 😉
Saturday : We had a lovely afternoon today. Bs very best friend is back for a visit! We joined them for a fun afternoon on the beach.
I love this picture that I took of the co conspirators.

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