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Summer Holidays 2013 – 13


Day Fifteen
Travelling Home Without Hubs

The journey home was quite stressful for me because the car was not happy.
We stopped in one village, about an hour away from Granny and Grandads, and for about half a hour the car felt stuttery, finally stalling on a roundabout!

So for the next hour and half it was a scary ride for me because I was so nervous that it was going to happen again.
Going through one town that I knew was just Full of roundabouts meant that my heart rate was ridiculously high!!
But, after another stop, to pick up some lunch, I finally began to relax and feel that maybe the car was ok.
I think starting it again, and it feeling ok, made me feel more assured.

Finally we arrived at the small town that I had decided would be a good place for a rest.
It had a bit of a play park for the children, they were immediately out (although they had to put on their coats for the first time since we left home!) and running to play!


I wanted to get to the beach though. Nothing I love more than a windswept beach.
I quite like a hot and sunny one too, but something calls to my heart on a windswept Scottish beach!

I mean, you can have all your lovely holiday resorts, full of sun worshipping bodies, but really, how wonderful is one that is pretty much empty and completely refreshing!?

The rest of the journey was really quite nice after my calming spell on the beach.
We got home around 4pm. Plenty time to relax and settle in to the house again.

Summer Holidays 2013 – 12


Day Fourteen
Bye Bye Daddy

The children were up before us, waking Grandad up begging for breakfast.
But even when I joined them a good while later, they were still eating!

Look at Js little fortress of cereal packets!

Daddy got himself organised and Grandad took him off to the airport in his Jaguar!

Waving their Daddy off

What a way to travel.

We took ourselves to Asda to pick up school clothes for the children.
This is Js first year at Primary so Granny K is treating him to his new school clothes.

Once we had bought all that we needed, we headed for a wee drink at the pub deciding, as we were there, that we might as well stay for dinner.
This one has a great play area outside for the children and J made himself a friend within 10 minutes!

Home to Granny’s and Uncle J came to see us!
He was happy to read the children their bedtime story.


Tomorrow I will have to drive the last leg of our journey alone.

Summer Holidays 2013 – 11


Day Thirteen
Time to Drive North

One last view of the road we have to take out of Staithes.


We drove up past Newcastle and we just had to go visit the Angel of the North.
I have never been to seeit so it was an opportunity that I could not let slip.
Unfortunately hubs thought that it would just be on the way, but it was on the other side of the bypass to the one we ended up on.
Trust us!
So we had to go in a big old circle to get back to it!

Worth it!!

Totally worth it!

Truly breathtaking.

As we drove to find her, we passed an Ikea.
I know it isn’t the most impressive of landmarks but, for me, the closest one is over 200 miles away, this one was just there, at the side of the road.
I made hubs take me 😀

I was so sure that the last one I had been in, the cafe had been easy to get to. But in this one, you had to walk halfway through the store to find it!
Hubs was not a happy hungry man.

But, the lunch was cheap and pretty good and I managed to pick up a few things.

On up to Granny and Grandad Ks and, after leaving Staithes at 0730, we finally arrived in Aberdeenshire about 1800!
But still, it was all part of the holiday.

Hubs goes back to work tomorrow so it was bed for the children, a wee drink for us and bedtime.

Summer Holidays 2013 – 10


Day Twelve
Last Day in Staithes

We decided that we would spend our last day relaxing around the house and down at the harbour.
We spent a good amount of our time packing up, getting washing done etc
But finally we were organised to go for a walk around the cliffs above the village.

When we were packing up I played music through my phone and completely forgot to charge it as I did, silly silly me. Because it meant that it had run of charge and I could only take a few pictures!
This was the only one I got on the cliffs, though B has lots on her camera. Hopefully I will get them downloaded soon so I can put them up here.

When we made it to the beach, the water was out!
No matter, still plenty sand for sandcastles!

We brought some left over food from our barbecue for our lunch.

J was more than happy to knaw on some beef!!
We had our last meal at the Cod and Lobster, always good!
We said our goodbyes to the wonderful Morris, from the gift shop.
Even if we never did find Old Jack or any of his friends, we had Morris! A lovely lovely man who was always so sweet and ready for a chat. The children adored him!

Time came soon enough to go back to the cottage for our very last sleep 😦
Here are a few shots of the inside of a wonderful retreat.






What a great, wonderful, fantastic holiday!
We were so lucky with our weather and with our timing, it was never too busy and we were able to get ourselves around the village with relative ease.
Oh but watch this video and listen to my breathing! I loved Staithes, but I did not entirely enjoy driving through the village. Well, I guess I t was thrilling but, eek, there is No Way I could have been the driver!


Oh but it was great!
Thank you CBeebies for Old Jacks Boat, without which I would ever have discovered this great little village that was full of such views and friendly faces, topped off with a great little enclosed beach.

Summer Holidays 2013 – 9


Day Eleven
North Yorkshire Railway. Whitby-Goathland

We nearly didn’t go anywhere today but I decided that we just simply couldn’t go home without a trip on the North Yorkshire Railway stream train.
And what a day we had!

Waiting on the platform both children were so excited!!

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to hang out the windows, as I remember doing so well as a child.
Yes, I am That old!!
Hubs was happy to sit in the seats with the children so he didn’t have to see me.


Goathland was so exciting for hubs because he recognised so much from Heartbeat. I have to admit, I didn’t really recognise anything.
It is also where the train arrives into in Harry Potter, but again, I can’t say that I recognised anything.
But that didn’t stop it from all being very beautiful!

Back home to Staithes afterwards and the children and I went on a little ramble up the hill.
We discovered where the smell had been coming from.
Every now and again there was the Worst smell that would hit us.
We assumed it was the sea, or seaweed being hit by the sun.
But,no, it turned out it was a farm at the top of the hill.
As the children and I walked it got worse and worse. To the point that we had to retreat back down the hill to escape it!

We managed to relax in the garden all the same and had our one and only barbecue, prepared by daddy.

We had such a great day and we went to be looking forward to a lovely relaxing day in the village tomorrow.