In Memory of Deiter


In memory of a wonderful county ranger who was an important force behind some wonderful events at the local Forrest or beach, there was an event organised in his name.

It was important to me that the children and I attend, to give our last respects to this lovely man who died suddenly in his sleep just days before Christmas 2012, leaving behind a young daughter and a baby son.
I was not surprised but very happy to see quite so many people on such a cold and rainy day.

20130512-215857.jpgThey had created a sand sculpture in his memory!
it even resembled his fantastic smile.
The children, as always with Deiter, were encouraged to add their part.

20130512-215908.jpgWe began scouring the beach for our additions to the twirls of hair.

20130512-215916.jpgSome others had already added their own additions


20130512-215956.jpgWe were called to the dunes to listen to a eulogy/speech.

It was lovely to hear a bit more about Deiter, surrounded by so many who possibly knew him far more than I.

20130512-220025.jpgI was proud of my children for sitting well throughout.


20130512-220043.jpgA great way to celebrate the life of Deiter and I will always remember what joy he brought to my young children.


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