Summer Holiday 2013 – 1


Day one and two

First day or our holidays we headed south to try to catch A Day out with Thomas.
We left at 730 inthemorning in order that we could get to the Destination as we kept referring to it, so as not to alert J to our plans.
Along the way we stopped at this lovely village green for bit of lunch.
The children were delighted and Hubs and I fell in love.
Who wouldn’t want to live here!?

Wen we finally arrived at our destination it turned out that we were late.
24hours late!!


No matter, the journey was lovely, though a lot longer than it need have been.
We made it to Granny and Grandad Ks around dinner time. Hubs said he has been driving for 9 hours, I think he said.
The children were none the wiser, they had their heads stuck to their DVD players alll the way, and just happy to have arrived.

The following morning we had to take Daddy to his appointment where he said he would be no longer than half an hour.

20130702-225801.jpgWe chose to hang around and do some plane/helicopter spotting.
B was more than happy to take loads of pictures of every one she saw.

20130702-225827.jpgJ enjoyed it for a bit, but eventually just came for the cuddles.
Next stop, Shopping’!
Followed by Yo Sushi!!

20130702-225848.jpgdelighted B who loves sushi.
J, not so much. He had told Grandad K that he was, “going to have a sandwich”.

My beautiful, happy, people.

I am having a lovely holiday!


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