Summer holiday 2013 – 2


Day Three

I had a date with my daughter today.
It was so lovely to spend some time, just the two of us.

20130705-222248.jpgFollowed by a little spot of retail therapy.

We could not believe the amazing results though.
This is what we found in a charity shop!!

20130705-221803.jpgThis won’t mean anything to anyone new to my blog but it means a HUGE amount to us.

Hubs bought this monkey the day J was born.
When we took him home, 2year old, B immediately fell for him and took him as her own but always called him “Js Monkey”
She Loved that monkey so so much!
Unfortunately though, she lost him at the pool about a year ago.
We searched and searched and called the pool to check if anyone has handed him in constantly. We even put out notices on Facebook, but he never came home 😦
So we decided that he was having an adventure.
He had such an adventure, he even met friends, told them all about our home and how lovely we were.
So the friends came to visit!!
And told us that Js Monkey was continuing his travels.

So. Imagine Bs surprise when she looked around this charity shop to discover monkey sitting on the shelf!!

20130705-221924.jpgLook at this delighted face!!


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