Summer Holidays 2013 – 4


Day Six

Travelling day today.
Though that doesn’t stop these monkeys from monkeying around before we go!

After a Major detour from Hubs (oh, you know, only about an hour lost going North instead of South! 😉 ) We actually had a really good run down the road.
We stopped once for a spot of lunch at a roadside place only to discover this out the back!

20130708-111222.jpgA pretty lucky find. We could, and probably should, have had a walk all around the wee loch (can you call it a loch? Or is it just a pond?)
Anyway, B was delighted with the geese and even got close enough she could almost have touched one, until it hissed at her!

The journey continued and we arrived at our destination around five thirty with a quick stop first for some provisions.
Oh my goodness, the Heat when we stepped out of the car at the supermarket!!
You would think we had crossed the waters into France!

Look at where we are though!

20130708-111752.jpgLittle bit of dinner outside I think.

20130708-111810.jpgAnd, after our long journey, I think this looks like the perfect place to lay my head, don’t you?



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