Summer Holiday 2013 – 5


Day Seven

Our first day on our official, not visiting family cos it’s the only holiday we could afford, holidays.
Time to explore

And what a place to explore!

This is what greets us when we turn out of the garden gate!
Steep, isn’t it!?

20130709-223441.jpgHappy discovering all nooks and crannies in the alleyways.

I thought this made such a quaint shot.

20130709-223502.jpgThis image caught me by surprise, they almost look as if they might fall off the back, but no, they were still there an hour or so later, still sun worshipping. Lol

20130709-223511.jpgOld Jacks bridge!!
Much excitement!!!

20130709-223526.jpgAlong to the harbour front and nearly to the beach but, by this point, it was lunchtime and we had to nip back to the house for some lunch.

Hubs just had to have a picture of these fantastic mopeds, aren’t they brilliant!

Time to head back down for a play on the beach.

20130709-223533.jpg I love making sandcastles!
Then we made a moat and waited for the water to fill it.
Ok, I admit, J and I spent a silly amount of time pointlessly carrying buckets of water until someone on the beach suggested digging a tunnel for the sea to flow up.
Ah. . . . .
Wise lady!


20130709-223545.jpgwe didn’t want to leave the beach so we stayed down for dinner.
Whilst we were paying, I couldn’t resist these opportunities for some pictures. Probably ought not to be encouraged, but hey ho, it made me smile to see them playing such grown up roles.

20130709-223553.jpgFather and Daughter. They each love the other more than the other will ever know!

20130709-225510.jpgOne day this will be hubs grown up drinking buddy.

20130709-223927.jpgHave you see this man!?
WANTED in all states!
Oo’er mrs, don’t read that the wrong way, hahahah


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