Summer Holidays 2013 – 6


Day Eight


Time for a day trip.
We thought we would head through to Scarborough today.
My plan was to go to the miniature railway, head to the Deep Sea place, then onto the beach.
We ended up parking up near the beach though.
We had to have lunch somewhere, by the time we got there, and it seemed to make sense to do so on this very inviting beach!
But, of course, J immediately got himself covered in sand and asked for his swim shorts!
Ach, why not.
My plans are fluid.
It wasn’t long before B decided she wanted her suit on and . . . . . .
They were off!


Would you look at the state of this boy!

And off he goes again!

20130711-223637.jpg Happy children sitting in surprisingly warm waters.
We finally left the beach around 3pm!
Then the parking machine played up on hubs and we ended up missing the train, which delayed us by about half an hour.

No matter, look at these happy faces!

Unfortunately it did mean that we ended up being just 15 minutes late for the last entry into the deep sea world. Gah!

Again, never mind, the children were none the wiser (we hadn’t told them about the original plan so they didn’t know anything had been missed) we went back to wait for the return of the train.
This time, when it came into the station, it had to turn around.
That was pretty exciting because it had to turn on a turnstile!
Fun to watch!

Back at the station, B spotted the big inflatable balls, she thought they looked like great fun.

20130711-223736.jpg But once inside you could see that she was beginning to look a little nervous.

20130711-223749.jpg She did quite well, on her hands and knees 🙂 but still wanted out after just two minutes of her 4 minute go.
She told me afterward that she had been really nervous because she thought the zip might open if she stood on it the wrong way. Poor love.

We grabbed a meal at a hotel on the road home.
During the meal, B took a mouthful and ended up with the plastic catch of the tub of sauce they had used!
I wanted to fume and demand our money back but hubs just went in and told them calmly what had happened.
10 minutes later and they came out with the money for our meal and some sweeties for the children as an apology!
How nice of them to do that, they could have preyed on hubs good nature and kept our money but they chose to be gracious.

Not a bad way to end our day.

What shall we do tomorrow?


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