Summer Holiday 2013 – 7


Day Nine

A day in Staithes

Today was a day to relax and have a look around Staithes.
The morning was lovely and slow.
Relaxing in the garden, reading books, just chilling out really.

Someone looks very relaxed.
Actually, they both do.

This is no great surprise, to find B reading a book.

Lunch with Daddy was full of guffaws of laughter!
I had to go in to investigate.
They were all making up songs, or poems, but it was all nonsense anyway and the children were in their element!!

Beautiful B, enjoying the quiet.


Time for a walk around Staithes.
We found Old Jacks house!
But somehow I don’t have a picture on my phone?? I will have to check Bs camera because she made me take at least 3 pictures of them standing on the step, haha

We went for a walk around the cliff top after passing Old Jacks house.
Here are my beautiful happy children!

It’s Santa!
On the beach in Staithes Harbour!!
No way!!

20130714-120659.jpgTime to Bury a brother on the beach!

He immediately jumped and ran straight into the sea! Brave boy!
Mind you, it is Hot!

All the way up to his armpits!
I could barely get passed my knees! Haha

Eventually we had to drag them from the beach for some dinner.

We had dinner outside, but came in for pudding.
I love this sweet picture of them playing together.

Would you look at these feet!!
We are mostly walking around the village bare foot, but blimey, would you just look at them!


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