Summer Holiday 2013 – 8


Day Ten

Time, again, for a day out.
Today we took ourselves through to Saltburn, to see the Cliff Lift.
We had a little wander through the town itself before making our way down to the sea side to find the lift.

Along the way we found these statues. We couldn’t resist joining them for a bit of a pose.

The children and I managed to get the lift all to ourselves and they put themselves straight to the window.

Oh Dear, it would be nice if Js camera face was a little less worried.

B was just too enthralled to even notice that I was taking a picture at all!

They were delighted with their turn and I was delighted with the price of just £2 for all three of us!

Once off the lift we wandered down the seafront and along to the park area where I had read that there was an adventure park for the children to enjoy.
The weather is a little cooler today so I am hoping that it will be a little warmer down in the park.
We met up with Daddy, who had been off running errands whilst we enjoyed the fun of the lift, and had our little picnic before going in search of the park.

Found it!!
J found the slide and we actually managed to turn up at the same time a a local Nursery were having a day out. J was straight into the middle of the queue for the slide and enjoyed every second of the hustle and bustle!

When they left it was a little quieter but that didn’t stop any of the fun.

J was getting so brave on the climbing ropes.
Can you see the girl in the background though? She did the whole thing from one end to the next without once touching the ground. I was mightily impressed!!

Love this picture of them enjoying the swing, being pushed by a helpful Granny, Trust my pair to talk someone into that.

We walked back past the zip slide and had a fab time having turns.
I would push them off from the start, then Hubs would catch them and give them an extra push to get them back up to me at the start.


You can see the delight in their faces because of that extra push.


Daddy had his turn but when it came time to push him back up to the start, you can see the children running down to help, but there was no way that they were going to manage. Haha
They tried and tried but only really began to spin him around and around, haha.
It was so funny!

Just having to add this last picture because I thought it was just so. . . . .
Well, Lovely!


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