Summer Holidays 2013 – 11


Day Thirteen
Time to Drive North

One last view of the road we have to take out of Staithes.


We drove up past Newcastle and we just had to go visit the Angel of the North.
I have never been to seeit so it was an opportunity that I could not let slip.
Unfortunately hubs thought that it would just be on the way, but it was on the other side of the bypass to the one we ended up on.
Trust us!
So we had to go in a big old circle to get back to it!

Worth it!!

Totally worth it!

Truly breathtaking.

As we drove to find her, we passed an Ikea.
I know it isn’t the most impressive of landmarks but, for me, the closest one is over 200 miles away, this one was just there, at the side of the road.
I made hubs take me 😀

I was so sure that the last one I had been in, the cafe had been easy to get to. But in this one, you had to walk halfway through the store to find it!
Hubs was not a happy hungry man.

But, the lunch was cheap and pretty good and I managed to pick up a few things.

On up to Granny and Grandad Ks and, after leaving Staithes at 0730, we finally arrived in Aberdeenshire about 1800!
But still, it was all part of the holiday.

Hubs goes back to work tomorrow so it was bed for the children, a wee drink for us and bedtime.


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