Summer Holidays 2013 – 12


Day Fourteen
Bye Bye Daddy

The children were up before us, waking Grandad up begging for breakfast.
But even when I joined them a good while later, they were still eating!

Look at Js little fortress of cereal packets!

Daddy got himself organised and Grandad took him off to the airport in his Jaguar!

Waving their Daddy off

What a way to travel.

We took ourselves to Asda to pick up school clothes for the children.
This is Js first year at Primary so Granny K is treating him to his new school clothes.

Once we had bought all that we needed, we headed for a wee drink at the pub deciding, as we were there, that we might as well stay for dinner.
This one has a great play area outside for the children and J made himself a friend within 10 minutes!

Home to Granny’s and Uncle J came to see us!
He was happy to read the children their bedtime story.


Tomorrow I will have to drive the last leg of our journey alone.


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