Summer Holidays 2013 – 13


Day Fifteen
Travelling Home Without Hubs

The journey home was quite stressful for me because the car was not happy.
We stopped in one village, about an hour away from Granny and Grandads, and for about half a hour the car felt stuttery, finally stalling on a roundabout!

So for the next hour and half it was a scary ride for me because I was so nervous that it was going to happen again.
Going through one town that I knew was just Full of roundabouts meant that my heart rate was ridiculously high!!
But, after another stop, to pick up some lunch, I finally began to relax and feel that maybe the car was ok.
I think starting it again, and it feeling ok, made me feel more assured.

Finally we arrived at the small town that I had decided would be a good place for a rest.
It had a bit of a play park for the children, they were immediately out (although they had to put on their coats for the first time since we left home!) and running to play!


I wanted to get to the beach though. Nothing I love more than a windswept beach.
I quite like a hot and sunny one too, but something calls to my heart on a windswept Scottish beach!

I mean, you can have all your lovely holiday resorts, full of sun worshipping bodies, but really, how wonderful is one that is pretty much empty and completely refreshing!?

The rest of the journey was really quite nice after my calming spell on the beach.
We got home around 4pm. Plenty time to relax and settle in to the house again.


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