Monthly Archives: June 2014

B performs in the Far North Youth Orchestra


Well, B was at youth orchestra all day, so what an I to do with a J to entertain?
Why, the cinema, of course! !


We had the place completely to ourselves!
Our own Private viewing, indeed!
A few scary moments but Tarzan was a big hit for both of us.

It was finished by 12. So, with 3 more hours until B’s concert, we came home to have lunch and just chill out.

But then came a call from aunty N.
Did we fancy a walk in the woods with little cousin J?
Sure, why not 🙂


It was only a quick one because time suddenly sped up. It has such a way of doing that!


3 pieces from all these talented musicians rounded our afternoon off nicely.

Fish and chips, and some cuddles under a blanket with some telly and I’d say it was a pretty successful day 🙂



Daddy is back at work


Daddy has to go back to work, this time we don’t know how long he has to stay away.

The day he left was the day of the Vintage Car Rally, so we had plenty of distractions to help make his leaving a little easier.
I LOVE this car!
Don’t you think it suits me perfectly?

J found one of his best friends to play with. Turns out his parents had a beautiful car entered into the rally. They had a great time chatting away in the back of that car.

B waited an absolute age to get her face painted, I am sure folk were jumping in front of her in the queue 😦
I had given her the money and waited outside the tent so that she would be independent, and because I couldn’t take the heat in that tent!
She is just too nice.
When I asked her if folk had jumped in front she said, ‘No. There was just a big queue mummy’
Anyway, as soon as she had managed to get her face done, I told her where J was and she just jumped on in.
That hadn’t been my intention but in she jumped all the same.

The day was complete with our ice creams and wasn’t a bad day to have to say goodbye to Daddy.
He arrived safe and sound in time to say goodnight.